This website was created after a simple observation: being up to date with competitions, seminars and various events related to our sports can be very complex.

The goal of the site is therefore to offer you a tool allowing the organizers to communicate on their events and the participants to quickly find information on what is happening around them.

The Team

Antoine Carlotti


Present from the start, it was he who had the basic idea of ​​the site and developed the site and its back office.

Antoine Carlotti

Competitions & seminars manager

In charge of entering all the competitions and events on the site, he also monitors the information concerning these events ...

Antoine Carlotti

Organizer relations

His job is to communicate with all the organizers, help them with the creation of their account and help them out when they have trouble entering their new events on the site.

Antoine Carlotti


Respond to emails, prepare coffee, take care of the rest of the team. His work is essential to the proper functioning of the site.

They trusted us from the start

The first organizers who entered their competition on our site.


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we will respond as soon as possible.

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