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du Lun. 19 au Dim. 01
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Hungarian Kettlebell Sport Federation proudly presents DECORONATION TOURNAMENT's 2nd stage - codename: SPUTNIK
Deadline of registration: 09 July 2021
Deadline of video submission: 19 July 2021 – 01 Aug 2021
Announcement of results: 08 Aug 2021
Registration page:
1st stage:
3rd stage:
1. OA Mini Triathlon
3×3 minutes of work with 1 minute rests and multiple hand switches
– 3 minutes one-arm jerk, 1 minute rest
– 3 minutes one-arm long cycle, 1 minute rest
– 3 minutes snatch
2. TA Mini Triathlon
3×2 minutes of work with 1 minute rests
– 2 minutes double jerk, 1 minute rest
– 2 minutes double long cycle, 1 minute rest
– 2 minutes snatch (1 kettlebell, 1 hand switch)
3. DOLOR 5
5 minute continuous work with multiple hand switches; taking down the kettlebell results disqualification
– one-arm jerk
– one-arm long cycle
– snatch
5 minutes continuous work; taking down the kettlebells is allowed but results the end of discipline
– two-arm jerk
– two-arm long cycle
– snatch (1 kettlebell, 1 hand switch)
Kettlebell weights (you can use any weight between the following limits)
– female (beginner): 8 kg – 14 kg
– female (advanced): 16 kg – 28 kg
– male (beginner): 12 kg – 20 kg
– male (advanced): 22 kg – 36 kg
– veteran (female / male): any weight can be used
Age categories
– open (18-40 years)
– veteran (above 40 years)
Weight categories
No weight categories are defined; results are determined for each discipline and category (beginner female / male; advanced female / male; veteran female / male).
Registration can be done per stage for the chosen events/disciplines.
Registration link: soon
Registration fee: 2.000 HUF (Hungarian Forints) or 6 EUR per event/discipline.
Registration fee can be sent with PayPal to email address, or you can make a bank transfer to the bank account of Hungarian Kettlebell Sport Federation (bank: K&H Bank, IBAN: HU28 1040 3253 5052 6976 7590 1000).
Please write your name and "DECORONATION" into the note / description of your money transfer.
Recording and sending of videos
Each competition video must start with weighing of the contestant’s bodyweight and the kettlebells on a digital scale.
Videos must be recorded with horizontal orientation in HD resolution and they can not be cut or edited.
Competition clothing must not cover the knees and elbows of the competitor.
Videos must be uploaded to YouTube as non-public and their links must be sent to email address until the deadline. This email must contain the contestant’s name, the event, discipline and the age category.
Announcement of results will be made after each stage. Each contestant will get a digital certificate which contains his/her result.
Grand Champion and the Most Active Sportsman/Sportswoman awards will be announced after the competiton series.
For additional information please write an email to or contact the Hungarian Kettlebell Sport Federation on Messenger.
AOUT 2021
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IKMF World Championship's 2021
du Ven. 26 au Dim. 28
LieuGymnase Joseph Plat
Site web :website
Site web inscription:website
IKMF rules :
Kid's / open class / Vétéran
- Ikmf games
- kettlebell marathon
- kettlebell pentathlon
Payment by PayPal:
Price : IKMF member country:
- 1st test: 60eu
- 2 tests: 100eu
- 3 events: 150eu
Price: Non IKMF member country:
- 1st test: 80eu
- 2 tests: 140eu
- 3 events: 200eu
Warning !!! Be informed that according to the rule in force in 2020, an athlete alone in his category who does not achieve the minimum level of a CMS, will not be world champion.
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MARS 2022
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AVRIL 2022
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MAI 2022
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JUIN 2022
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