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du Jeu. 01 au Jeu. 15
Site web :website

II Brazil National Championship Kettlebell Sport
du Lun. 19 au Sam. 24
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RiddleStruck Fitness Kettlebell Sport Open 2020
du Sam. 07 au Dim. 08
Site web :website
Tarif inscription : 60 $ (70 $ avec t-shirt)
Site web inscription:website
Welcome to the 2nd annual RiddleStruck Fitness Kettlebell Sport Open. Due to Covid 19 and the restrictions on large public gatherings, this event will take place primarily online.
There is a possibility that we may be able to secure a spot for a small amount of lifters to be able to meet and lift together (this is yet to be determined, so if you are in the area and would like the chance to lift in person, let us know and we will see what we can do).
For this competition, it will be part of the IKO Sport World League event! A big THANK YOU to Denis Vasilev for adding our competition to his league. You will be eligible to rank for this event based off the kettlebell World Sport Ranking Table ( For this competition, we will be offering both 5 and 10 min flights.
To register for this event, click on the paypal link at the bottom of the page.
Entry fee is $60.00 (Canadian) and this allows you to enter 1-3 events (if signing up for triathlon. Doing both Biathlon/LC).
We are also selling our Team Riddlestruck Shirt for $10. If you would like to purchase one for yourself, just add the $10's to your entry fee ($70 total).
Once you have registered, please email; in this email please provide your age (day of lift), lift(s) competing in, bell weight, body weight (in kg), full address (for patches/certificate). As well, please provide a little bio of yourself. In this bio, please provide years you have been competing in kettlebell sport, highest rank achieved, and any world records you may hold for your weight class.
We will be awarding official ranks based on the IKO ranking chart, however we will be allowing OALC and OA biathlon events without official ranks. We will refer to the IKFF ranking charts for these.
Please see for ranking table info.
Competitive Events
Men’s Events
Long Cycle, Biathlon, Jerk Only, Snatch Only
Available Kettlebell Weights: 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg
Weight Divisions: 63kg, 68kg, 73kg, 78kg, 85kg, 95kg, 105kg, 105+kg
Women’s Events
Single Kettlebell Events: Long Cycle, Biathlon, Jerk Only, Snatch Only
Available Kettlebell Weights: 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg
Double Kettlebell Events: Long Cycle, Biathlon, Jerk Only
Available Kettlebell Weights: 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg
Weight Divisions: Women: 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 68kg, 73kg, 73kg+
1st, 2nd, 3rd place for all weight division winners
Rankings certificates will be available

Third Latin American Kettlebell Sport Championship 2020
le Sam. 14
Site web :website
Nous sommes de retour avec un format différent mais avec la même envie de laisser vos marques dans le classement mondial d'IKO
20 % de réduction sur toute discipline à rivaliser.
Disciplines :
➡️ Long cycle online
➡️ Biathlon (jerk et snatch)
➡️Triathlon (long cycle, jerk et snatch)
➡️ Snatch online
➡️ Jerk online
Temps officiel :
➡️ 5 et 10 minutes
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AVRIL 2021
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